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Monster Manager | Character Keeper

Monster Manager

A tool for managing encounters when acting as DM in dungeons & dragons 5th edition. It contains the monsters and spells from the system reference documents, and allows you to add your own as well.

Encounter management on a card based design (including hit point bars, quick note fields and quick access to monster information), spellbook to quickly look up spells, initiative tracker (drag'n drop for ease), ability to save encounters and export all your data to simple txt files, for import on other devices.

This web app is optimized for larger screens and is best managed on a laptop or similar device, it is usable on smaller devices though.

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Character Keeper

Will be a means of saving all of your d&d characters online, so you can later retrieve them when needed at the specific stage you need.

Allows the user to create 5th edition characters with all their details, saving their progress on each level they gain. This way you can always go back, and fetch your favorite character at the level you need him at. Will also support a pdf export feature, to easily make a printable page with your character details.

This web app is under construction, release date is unknown.

Under construction!